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The Pre-Team is a great place for younger swimmers (4 to 8 years old) to start if they're not quite ready for the Team.

To be on the Team, swimmers should be:

  • 6 years or older
  • Able to swim multiple lengths of freestyle and backstroke without assistance
  • Able to try to swim breaststroke and butterfly

To be on the Pre-Team, swimmers should be:

  • 4-8 years old
  • Able to make it from one end of the lap pool to the other end of the lap pool without stopping or help,
  • NOTE: the pre-team qualifications were relaxed just after the pandemic to accommodate for the pandemic loss of swim instruction. Last year the pre-team returned to pre-pandemic qualifications for team management and liability purposes.
  • Private lessons are always available for swimmers of any ability by contacting the coaches.

***All swimmers, 8 and under, who did not swim in a Wednesday night B-meet or Saturday A-meet last season should sign up to attend the Pre-Team Tryouts - June 3 & 4.

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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Pre-Team FAQ

What’s the deal with practice?

  • The practice schedule can be found on the Practice Page of the website.
  • Swimmers can attend either morning or evening practice each day.
  • It’s ok if a swimmer has to miss practice.
  • If there are any changes to practice, the Coach or Reps will send an email.

Do pre-teamers swim in meets?

  • Pre-teamers do not swim in A & B dual meets, A-relays or Divisionals.
  • There is a Lollipop Mini-meet at the end of the season for pre-team swimmers to show off their skills.

Friday Breakfast/Activities?

  • Pre-team swimmers are welcome & encouraged to join the team for Friday breakfast (see calendar) - though the practice before is just for team swimmers.
  • Pre-team swimmers are also welcome & encouraged to participate in Friday Afternoon Activities (see calendar).


  • Pre-team families, that don’t have any team swimmers, do not have any volunteer requirements, though there will be some volunteer opportunities at the Lollipop Mini-Meet.
  • Friday Breakfasts & Friday Activities are hosted by age groups. Preteam is part of 8&unders for this purpose. So, when it’s the weeks for 8&under/pre-team to host, please help out if you can.

Team Suits?

  • Team suits are not required for any swimmer.
  • If you would like to get a team suit for your swimmer, there’s a Swimoutlet store on the website.

Team Pictures?

  • Pre-team is included in team pictures. Check the website & look out for emails with more info.

Moving Up to Team?

  • When/if the coaches determine a swimmer has the skills to be moved up to team, they will reach out to you to discuss.
  • If a swimmer moves up to team, there is no obligation to swim in any remaining dual meets.


  • Weekly emails are sent with general info for the upcoming week. Not all of it is relevant to pre-team, but some is.
  • There are a lot of emails during the season because it is a lot of stuff squeezed into a small amount of time.

Where do I get information?

  • The website has tons of information and is always being updated, so it’s a great place to start.
  • Emails are chock full of information and we work to keep them short, direct and to a minimum.
  • You can always reach out to the coaches or team reps:
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Email questions and comments to [email protected]

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